Colorado Mile September 4th, 5th,& 6th. Be There!

Back in June PatriotLSR made a few successful runs @ the Airstrip Attack down in Colorado Springs(an event we plan on attending AGAIN!!) PatriotLSR is now ready for a mile event. We’ve moved from our Junk yard 474hp N/A 4G63 engine with added turbo AKA ‘JY Spec’ To our new ‘NIP spec’ engine. This should allow us to safely turn-up the boost past the moderate 22psi we’ve been running. So we’re not about to speculate on anything past ‘JY spec’ but this could be interesting and better then 474hp. Anyhow, anything 170+mph makes this a drop on the SALT 200+mph race car, maybe making it a contender for the G/BFCC class record of 230.653mph. Colorado be there! It’s your chance to meet the crew for PatriotLSR and many from the RetributionLSR club as well. Why not stop by and see what’s cracking?IMG_1164DSC_1290DSC_1007IMG_1188DSC_1059IMG_1176

Thanks to James Lamere for such wonderful pictures!!!!